One IT Services was started in 2012 by managing Director, Steven Roberts. The team has grown since then but the values haven’t changed. The single user client is as important today as they were the day this business was started and no less important that a 100 user client.

It is imperative that as the business owner, Steve Roberts remains contactable to all clients, not just the big ones.

The level of service supplied by One IT Services is set according to our expectations of ourselves. We rate ourselves against our expectation and not by comparing ourselves to our completion. We’re here to be the best in the Territory, not just better than our closest competitor.

What we hear from clients about their IT Support prior to One IT Services makes a difference. Computer Support is a service industry just like any other and the quality of the service is what makes the difference. Many IT Support companies have technicians who can fix computers but lack the skills many other industries take for granted, communication, continuity, management, attention to detail

Here is some of what we hear from our clients and our open and honest answers as to how we have adapted:

“We get a different engineer every time we call up”

  • You get a primary engineer for your site but that engineer shares the knowledge with the rest of the team using our internal systems. We’ll try our hardest to get the same engineer to you each time, but if that is not possible you will get an engineer who knows your business. It’s not up to you to pay for the time it takes for a new engineer to learn your site.

“We get charged for every phone call”

  • Every business needs to make money. Some clients are covered by a contract and enjoy the privileges that comes with that (fixed budget for unlimited support). Non-contract clients are charged based on time but we know that it is unreasonable to be charged for asking a quick question, or a quick password reset. It’s all about being reasonable and knowing that were aiming to keep you as a client, long term.

“They just don’t respond to phone calls or emails”

  • Our office is open from 0800-1700 Monday to Friday excluding NT public holidays. The success of this business is largely due to us caring about our clients. We care so we answer the phone and we respond to emails.