IT Planning

One IT Services supports clients covering a vast array of industries:

·       Mining and Contractor Services

·       Legal

·       Medical

·       Farming

·       Machinery and Manufacturing

·       Education and Government

·       Transport and Logistics

·       Tourism and Jet setting

·       And finally, other IT companies

With the experience gained from servicing such a broad scope of clients, One IT Services will engage and understand your business, and then apply that knowledge and experience to produce a design that exceeds requirements and sets your budget expectation.  From there, we work together to reach a perfect meeting point of outcome versus cost.

If your current budget is not keeping up with your ideas we will work with you to make the idea a reality.  This may mean phasing the new infrastructure in as funds are available, or implementing a long term plan toward the end goal.  No matter what the approach is, we’re with you all the way.