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One IT are now supplying residential NBN Services to the Northern Territory. One IT NBN delivers speeds of up to 250Mbps down and 100Mbps up for an ultra-fast broadband experience. Competitively priced against all major Internet Service Providers, One IT NBN is 100% locally supported.

Network cable with Fiber optics light internet concept

Safe and Secure

Best in class encryption and a secure connection to the internet. Maintaining online safety is the most important factor for us here at One IT services.

unlimited data

All of our residential nbn™ plans come with unlimited data - so go ahead, play those games, listen to those podcasts, work from home, video chat with your family! There is no need to fear of running out.

A plan to suit everyone

In 15 minutes we can have you connected and an NBN plan assigned to your requirements. Nothing more, nothing less, we make the experience painless! Check out our range of plans below.

One IT NBN - based in darwin for local nBN support.

rapid, efficient service

we can have you connected within 15 minutes

One IT NBN takes as little as 15 minutes to setup if you’re an existing customer of our other great services.

Our residential NBN Plans

Residential NBN 50/20

  • Max Speeds 50Mbps (Download) | 20Mbps (Upload)
  • HD Streaming and fast downloads
  • Video calling
  • Up to 4 people

Residential NBN 100/40

  • Max Speeds 100Mbps (Download) | 40Mbps (Upload)
  • Downloading large files
  • Video calling
  • 5+ People

Residential NBN 250/25

  • Max Speeds 250Mbps (Download) | 25Mbps (Upload)
  • 4K Streaming
  • Fast downloads and uploads
  • 5+ People

Residential NBN 250/100

  • Max Speeds 250Mbps (Download) | 100Mbps (Upload)
  • 4K and 8K Streaming
  • Faster downloads and uploads
  • 5+ People

Month to month $49 Start up fee or 12 Month contract $0 Start up fee

**  Fees may apply for a first time nbn connection to dwellings in new developments, for additional lines or for non-standard installations **

** Speeds are not guaranteed and may vary. You may experience slower speeds than this during busy periods and at other times. Actual speeds will vary depending on many factors such as data de-prioritisation, network congestion, device capabilities, location and number of devices connected. Available in selected coverage areas **


You've got NBN questions, we have the answers...

One IT NBN requires no special hardware so if you already have a router, then it’s probably fine to use. However, One IT is a provider that values security at its core. Our recommendation is always going to be installing or upgrading to a Fortinet router to ensure maximum security is maintained for every customer. We assess your business or personal requirements and recommend the most appropriate option for you. One IT engineers live and breathe technology, and networks are more than just a router. To optimise your experience, One IT will evaluate your whole network and recommend what is right for you.

Your Internet connection is crucial to being able to conduct business activities, whether that is from a commercial premises or home office. Even for personal or family use, the faster your Internet connection is, the better your browsing experience. But what happens when your Internet connection stops? Even worse, what happens when your connection inexplicably disconnects and reconnects, regularly? An unreliable Internet service impacts business productivity, and home life. One IT NBN is supported by local people who can come to your premises and diagnose problems right the way through from your home network into the backend of NBN infrastructure. Don’t get bounced between a local IT guy, your building manager, and your ISP, each blaming each other.

We support your Internet service as part of the cost of NBN. If your office or home network needs attention, then we are going to charge a fee for support based on how much work is required. What you get is support from a single source who is going to resolve your issues and get you back online and configured for optimal working capacity. Forget sitting on the phone for hours to an Internet provider only to be told it’s not their problem. Get One IT NBN today and be confident that whatever the weather, we’ve got your back.

One IT can provision 250/100Mbps services within minutes, at a fixed price. If your business requires more bandwidth and faster support, talk to us about pricing for business NBN Enterprise Ethernet services.

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a high performance and reliable service provided over a fibre network, allowing businesses to focus on what matters. Designed to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes, it offers benefits suitable to all businesses, whether large or small. For something more than a standard solution, business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is what you are looking for.

business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet does not sacrifice precious uploads to gain high-speeds downloads, instead providing symmetrical upload and download speeds. One IT offers various speed tiers, ranging from 10Mbps to 1,000Mbps*, allowing you to pick what best covers your usage.

You can also choose to prioritise your data, going for a High CoS (Class of Service), best for when you are running critical applications.

* Max transfer speeds may be limited by equipment and network limitations.

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