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Service delivery via remote support is an essential part of providing efficient and effective ICT services to end-users. Remote support of users and computers involves providing technical assistance to end-users from a remote location, rather than physically being present at their location. One IT Services provides this through secure and trusted tools such as Datto RMM and Splashtop Recovery.

Having reliable remote support is important as it allows IT support teams to respond quickly to user issues, reducing downtime and minimising the impact of IT problems on business operations. Remote support also reduces the need for on-site visits, which can be costly and time-consuming for both the support team and the end-users.

Cutting down on travel time while waiting for an engineer to attend site is also a significant benefit of remote support. This can help to reduce costs associated with travel and minimise the time spent waiting for an engineer to arrive. Remote support also enables IT support teams to work more flexibly, as they can provide support from any location, at any time.